AirScreen Download | AirPlay & Cast & Miracast & DLNA

AirScreen to your smartphone is the most amazing combination. Now it is possible for free downloads to your Android smartphone and directly through the internet there are available free download links. 


Airscreen is an easy use app and it is just like a Chromecast. This is the most effective path to cast several media using your smart device and here there is no need to buy a Chromecast anymore. You can check more apps like Airscreen on applinked store.

What is this Airscreen? 

Airscreen is designed to make the user more flexible than while they are using Chromecast. Airscreen supports you to easily cast media for both Android devices as well as TVs. So here you have to connect your Android device with the TV first. Then let it cast media content. After all you can enjoy your favorite show through the big screen of your TV.  

Airscreen is a user-friendly application. So anyone can easily manage it without any difficulty or any advanced knowledge. After downloading the application now you can use this to cast media and by following adjustment settings you can create the best and high-quality playback experience. All those facilities are now possible with your smart Android device. 

Airscreen is the best and alternative version for Chromecast. But there are more important benefits that come with Airscreen rather than Chromecast, as it saves time and money, both as it is a great alternative. 

To create a connection with Airscreen, first you have to connect all the devices with the WiFi network. Here, all the devices should connect with one WiFi network. Then you have to open the Airscreen app. After that you have to select the content that you wish to cast. There is another important thing here, that is the selected cast should support Chromecast. Now you can select media such as, Twitch, Netflix, YouTube, HBO, etc. As the final step, here you have to select the option cast from your smart Android device and now tap on AirScreen to begin auto-playing playing the media.  

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Cast your Android to another Android device using AirScreen

For the example here I take the Android 6 updated device. You have to make sure about your network connection and it should be stable. Then try the below-mentioned steps. 

Step 01. First you have to connect the Airscreen device to another Android device. Here the network connection should be the same. 

Step 02. With your sender device now you have to open the Android device’s settings app. 

Step 03. Now you have to tap on display then select cast 

Step 04. On your WiFi network you have to select the casting list to cast on your screen. Here you have to tap the device AS 

While it proceeds, if you not found your Android device, then,

Here among manufacturers this is not anymore an uncommon process to use multiple terms to describe the feature. To enable screen mirroring with the assist using the settings app on your Android device users have to follow common terms. Those are, 

  • Smart View  
  • Screencasting
  • SmartShare               
  • AllShare Cast      
  • Quick Connect
  • Display mirroring
  • Wireless display
  • Multi-screen  

By changing the device setting menu you can easily enable mirroring screen features. Here you have to identify all the related terms such as cast, connection, network, or display submenu that was used by the manufacturer.  

Airscreen – Product features

Airscreen includes main product features such as,

  • AirPlay
  • Chromecast
  • Google Cast
  • Cast-enabled
  • Miracast
  • DLNA

Why use AirScreen on your smart Android device?

Android users have several reasons to use the AirScreen app. Basically it supports Android devices and now you have the freedom to directly download AirScreen apk from the internet and the process is completely free. By the way, there are plenty of other reasons to use this application. Let’s see what they are?

Protocols with multiple wireless transmissions: AirScreen widely compatible with a variety of transmission protocols in wireless conditions. So here it supports,

  • AirPlay
  • Miracast 
  • Google Cast
  • DLNA 

Therefore, not anymore it required cable wireless multiple displays to the related screen.

Support operating systems: AirScreen supports several operating systems. So now not only for Android users, it can be used with iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, macOS, and Windows 10. 

Compatible with several mainstream operating systems: Now this AirScreen support mainstream operating systems. So users have the freedom to get experience with several platforms.

Support with a collection of applications: As another best benefit, here AirScreen support for iTunes / Chrome /YouTube / Safari / and many other apps. AirScreen is compatible with several excellent client applications that support several resources for media.

The Screen recording: Another interesting facility is, while you are using AirScreen, you can use the screen recording facility. While you are playing a game AirScreen will record everything. So you will not be going to miss any important second. 

Encrypted transmission: Now you can enable encrypted transmission while transferring files, personal photos, personal and other videos, using AirPlay over the connected WiFi network. So here it protects all the private data. It means it violates privacy.   

Dozens of other advantages include this AirScreen. Those are,

  • Hardware acceleration for video improves 40% efficiency 
  • Modes for Background service 
  • Images with High-resolution (4K)
  • Set facilities for personalization features 

AirScreen Latest updates

The latest updates include bug fixes, modifications, and plenty of new features. So when you go to download AirScreen, you must download the latest and support the AirScreen version. 

  • Contain bug fix update for sound issues that occurred in Google Cast that is for Oculus devices.
  • Solutions for the automatic playing issue for the album for DLNA.
  • Fixed the issue that appeared in the in-app subscriptions. 
  • Some important stability and several performance improvements included with the latest update to increase the overall efficiency of the app.
  • So, updating the latest version makes you more comfortable than you ever thought. 

Download and install AirScreen to your Android

AirScreen is the most reliable and advanced wireless transmission protocol receiver for Android. It includes AirPlay, Cast, Miracast*, and DLNA. It supports multiple platforms and for Android users now it available for free downloads directly from the internet. To download the AirScreen, there is an available option in the Google Play store. But you can use a reliable download link to directly download the app from the internet. For that, now you can follow the easy steps mentioned below.  

Step 01. Download the AirScreen apk file directly from the internet. Use direct download links and choose the most reliable website here.

Step 02. After completing the download process, now you have to enable Unknown source mode. For that, go to device settings. Then select security settings. Now you can enable unknown sources there. For that, put a tick on the Unknown sources option. If you missed this step, you do not have the permission to continue the installation, you will receive an error message.

Step 03. Now close all the windows that you opened in the earlier procedures. Then, go to the device download folder. Then you have to open the downloaded AirScreen apk file. So then, double-tap on it to open. Then tap on install. Now the most waited installation begins. 

Step 04. To continue the installation process, here it will be asked to agree with its, terms and conditions. All those conditions imposed by the app and tap on agreeing to accept terms and conditions. If not you will not have the permission to continue the installation. It takes several seconds to continue the process and here you have to wait for several seconds until it is completed.  

Now the process has successfully completed. See the process is simple and user-friendly. It means there is nothing impossible. 

Legal status 

When concerned about the legal status of the application, although it is not included in the Google play store, users have permission to download the app without any legal issues. It means this is not anymore an illegal process. So you are always safe. 

FAQs on AirScreen 

Q1. What is AirScreen?

Answer: AirScreen is an advanced wireless transmission protocol receiver for Android. Here it includes AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast and DLNA. With AirScreen, it allows  local network connections such as Wi-Fi or Ethernet. AirScreen now supports your family, best friends to share the experience with new fun sharing the screen, photos, video, audio, and other functions.

Q2. Is the AirScreen app available for free?

Answer: The AirScreen app is freely available. The application includes limited and selected functionality. So for other premium features, you have to pay and then you can enjoy the best and unlimited facilities. 

Q3. What is the last protocol that AirScreen supports?

Answer: The last protocol that supports AirScreen is DLNA.  

Q4. what are the application support for AirScreen? 

Answer: Here we can find several apps that support AirScreen and some of them are iTunes, YouTube, Safari, Chrome, client applications, and media resources.

Q5. What are the operating systems that are compatible with AirScreen?

Answer: AirScreen compatible with some multiple OS devices. Those are iOS 8, iOS, iOS 10, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, macOS, Windows 10, and Android are some of them. AirScreen supports mainstream operating systems and users can experience the application with different platforms.

Q6. How much is AirScreen pro?

Answer: If you are looking for unlimited features, then you have to pay for the AirScreen Pro version. Then you can enjoy thousands of several facilities. It is about $2.49 payment per month. If not you can pay it as a yearly payment and it is about $19.99 per year. Users have the freedom to use Non-recurring access for Basic and Pro features. it is available for 30-days and it cost nearly $1.99 and $3.49 at a time.

Q7. Is the AirScreen app safe?

Answer: Yes. AirScreen is a safe application. This is the advanced and multiple protocols for wireless transmission. This is a well known encrypted transmission which means it transmitted your personal gallery photos, several videos through AirPlay over the network. For that purpose it uses the encrypted transmission and here it protects all your private stuff and is not violated.

Q8. What are the basic features of the AirScreen app?

Answer: AirScreen app includes several basic features and those are AirPlay, Miracast, Cast-enabled, Google Cast, Chromecast, and DLNA

Q9. What are the reasons to use Airscreen instead of Chromecast?

Answer: Airscreen is very well known as the best and alternative version for Chromecast. However it is, not only that, there are other more important benefits included with Airscreen better than the Chromecast. Airscreen is the best way to saves time and your money. So finally we can introduce Airscreen as a great alternative application for Chromecast. 

Q10. Is that Airscreen available in the Google Play store?

Answer: Yes, Airscreen already added to the Google Play store. However it is, now you have the freedom to directly download an Airscreen apk file from the internet and you can easily find several free and reliable download links as well.