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Airscreen Apk 1.9.1 Latest version free Download [45.71MB]

AirScreen is one of the most interesting mobile applications for your Android smart device. It is very easy to use and it makes it possible to use it with your Android device such as a Chromecast. So through this interesting application, it is easy to cast media for your device without buying a Chromecast. Android users now have the freedom to directly download Airscreen apk from the internet and the total process is completely free. 

airscreen apk download

AirScreen apk is a wireless transmission protocol. This receiver is designed for Android. It includes four major parts such as AirPlay, Miracast, Cast, and DLNA. Here it supports you to use the related local network connection, Ethernet or Wi-Fi among your family members and sharing your screen, audio, photos, videos, and plenty of functions. 

Airscreen APK Download

Airscreen 1.9.1

What is Airscreen apk ?

AirScreen application is designed to easily cast media via Android devices and TVs. As above mentioned this is very similar to the procedure of Chromecast. Here you have to connect your smart Android device to the TV and then it cast contents. Now you can enjoy your favourite shows on the big screen rather than your smaller mobile screen. 

Users can easily customize the settings and you are free to adjust all the settings to create the best video using AirScreen settings. So you can create the best and high-quality playback experience for their android device. Airscreen is the best alternative for Chromecast. So using this amazing alternative you can have the best experience of the Chromecast using this simple Airscreen and it allows you to save your money. That’s why it define and recommended as the best alternative for your android. 

Airscreen apk file is the supported format for your Android smartphone and here you have to select a reliable web source to download the application.  

Performances of Airscreen apk

As the first step, here you have to connect all the related devices to the same WiFi network. Then you have to open the Airscreen application. Now search for content that you are interested in. it should be compatible with the Chromecast. Then you have to find a supported media file from YouTube, Twitch, Netflix, HBO, or any other. As the final option, you have to select a cast option on your Android device. Then select the downloaded AirScreen app to begin the playing automatically.

Features of AirScreen

There are some interesting features that you should know. These are some of the highlighted features among plenty of features collection. 

  • Combination of several Wireless transmission protocols
  • Compatible with several operating systems
  • Support Safari, Chrome, iTunes, YouTube, and More, 
  • Screen recording
  • Encrypted transmission
  • Hardware acceleration for videos 
  • High-resolution 
  • Service mode for background 
  • Personalization features and more  

Download and install Airscreen apk

Now you can follow the below-mentioned steps to easily download Airscreen apk for your android. You have to select an Airscreen apk file and it allows free downloads. So go through the below steps to successfully completed the download process and let’s begin! 

  1. Download Airscreen apk file from the above download links.
  2. Now open device settings and enable unknown sources. For that, open device settings, then go to security settings and tick on unknown sources option to enable it. This is an essential process and if you missed it, then you cannot continue the installation further. You will receive an error message as “installation blocked.” 
  3. Now close all the opened windows. Go to the download folder. Tap on downloaded Airscreen apk file.  
  4. Tap on the install button. Now the installation begins. Here the application asks to agree with terms and conditions. To continue the process, tap on “agree”. 
  5. The process has completed successfully. 

Now you can use the download Airscreen application on your smart android device.  

Airscreen for iOS | AirPlay & Google Cast & Miracast

Now Apple users have the opportunity to download Airscreen for iOS. This is one of the most interesting application and now users have the freedom to easily download Airscreen for iOS such as for your android smartphone. If you still missed this amazing application for your iPhone or iPad device, then try to download Airscreen for iOS, it is just a simple process. 

airscreen for ios

Airscreen is a wonderful application that is similar to Chromecast. Using Airscreen now you can easily cast media on your iDevice. It means no need for the Chromecast furthermore. AirScreen means a protocol with wireless transmission. It adds four major sections such as AirPlay, Miracast, Cast, and DLNA. Through a local area network connection, you can share everything with your family. For example, use an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. Then you can easily share the device screen, videos, photos, audacious, and plenty of other functions. 

Airscreen for iOS - Everything you should know about

AirScreen application allows users to cast media easily through your iPhone and iPad devices and TVs. Here the procedure of AirScreen very well similar to Chromecast. To make the connection of both devices here you have to link your iPhone to the TV and then you can cast contents. It means you can easily cast TV shows, movies on a big screen without watching it on your iPhone screen.

Airscreen for iOS gives you the best alternative experience for Chromecast. By the way, here it allows you to save your money and finally a wonderful selection. 

Download Airscreen for iOS - iPhone and iPad device 

To download Airscreen for your current iPhone or iPad device is now possible. Users have the freedom to directly download the Airscreen IPA file from the internet. It means after selecting the best web source to freely download Airscreen IPA, you can easily download the file without any difficulty. By the way, there is another easy way to download Airscreen for iOS. That is, Airscreen is now available with Apple AppStore. So users can easily download the application just in a few seconds. 

Download and install Airscreen for iOS - Freely available for iPhone and iPad users

As above mentioned, now it is possible to download the Airscreen app for your iPhone or iPad device freely. All the Apple users have this freedom as now it is included in Apple AppStore. Airscreen application supports a massive collection of iPhone and iPad devices and it takes just only a few seconds to complete the overall process. Now you can download the latest update of Airscreen application for your iDevice as it includes updated fasciitis rather than earlier opportunities.  

Airscreen for iOS is expanding the iDevice compatible with recent iPhone SE 2020, latest iPhone 11 series such as new iPhone 11 Pro max, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS Max, and other iOS 13.5.1 and below running iPhone and iPad devices.

To download Airscreen for iOS, open the Appstore> Go to Appstore > tap on it and open it. Then search for Airscreen. Tap to begin the installation. Finally, you have completed it successfully. 

Airscreen for PC Free Download (Windows & MAC)

If you are looking for something alternative for Chromecast? Then now you have the best options such as Airscreen. Airscreen application allows users to cast media for your device and this is the best alternative version for Chromecast. Therefore now, there does not have any needing for buying Chromecast as now there is an Airscreen application. Airscreen for PC is now freely updated. So as well as for your Android or iOS device, now it is successfully available for your PC. 

airscreen for pc

PC users now have the freedom to download Airscreen for PC and here you have to use an emulator. The process is completely free and now users have the freedom to easily install Airscreen for PC just following simple steps.   

What is Airscreen?

AirScreen application is a popular protocol for wireless transmission. Now it is compatible with Android, iOS, and PC devices as the best alternative application for Chromecast. Airscreen design with four major parts such as AirPlay, Miracast, Cast, and DLNA. Then it supports their users to log in to the same local network connection Ethernet or the Wi-Fi connection with their family members. After all, you can share the PCs screen, audio, videos, images, and plenty of other functions without any mess.

AirScreen for PC - Highlights

After installing AirScreen for pc users have the freedom to enjoy the below-mentioned features. All those facilities allow increasing the performances of the application and now let’s see all those facilities included here.   

  1. Combines multiple protocols for wireless transmission 
  2. Support a collection of operating systems
  3. Encrypted transmission
  4. Works on Chrome, Safari, iTunes, YouTube, and other platforms 
  5. Screen recording
  6. Videos come with hardware acceleration
  7. High-resolution 
  8. Service mode - background 
  9. Personalization features and more  

Download Airscreen for PC - Follow the Guidance

For your mobile phone now users have the freedom to download thousands of mobile applications freely and directly. So users download thousands of applications directly from the internet for their handsets. But pc users do not have this facility to directly download mobile apps for their pcs. The download process for Airscreen and other apps are completely different. Here you have to use a mobile emulator and then you can easily download Airscreen for pc. 

For the Airscreen download process, you can select the Nox player emulator. So you have to download the Nox player emulator in the very beginning and then you can try the below-mentioned instructions.  

Step 01. After selecting a suitable mobile emulator, you have to download it first. So download Nox player emulator to your pc. 

Step 02. When completed the download process, open the downloaded Nox player application. Double-tap on the icon to open it. 

Step 03. Log in to your Google account that is linked with the Nox player.  

Step 04. When the logins successfully completed, now open play store application. 

Step 05. Search Airscreen in Google Play store. When it appears tap on it to install. Now you have to follow step by step guidance to finish the installation. 

Now you have done it successfully. It means you can enjoy the downloaded Airscreen on your pc and you are free to cast media without using a Cheromcast from now.